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Assembly/Forklift Drivers- Harrisburg, Or $16.25 -$16.50/hr
Assembly/Forklift Drivers- Harrisburg, Or $16.25-$16.50

Assembly/Forklift Drivers: These positions are temp-to-hire Monday thru Friday.

Once getting hired on this Company does offer 401K, fully paid health insurance and life insurance...ect.

Assembly/Forklift Day Shift: $16.25an hour (7am-3:30pm)

Assembly/Forklift Swing Shift: $16.50an hour (3pm-11:30pm)


* Ability to listen, take direction and learn

* Basic math skills

* Work effectively with others in crew and be a team player

* Display pride of workmanship

* Reliable and dependable

* Use safe work practices

* Good attendance is mandatory

Physical Requirements:

* Ability to lift 30-50lb throughout shift

* Ability to stand for 8 hours

* Must wear personal protective equipment


Welder/Fabricators- Eugene, OR - DOE

Welder/Fabricators- Eugene, Or DOE.

Position, align, fit, and weld parts to form complete product in assigned area, following blueprints and layout specifications. Study blueprints and Bill of Materials (BOM) to determine material requirements and task sequences. Verify conformance of materials to specification using squares, rulers and measuring tapes. Align and fit parts according to specification, locate and mark workpiece bending and cutting lines allowing for thickness, machine and welding shrinkage and other part specifications. Move workpiece into position, manually, with forklifts or overhead cranes. Setup and operate fabrication machines such as brakes, rolls, shears, flame cutters, grinders, and drill presses to bend, cut, form, punch, drill or otherwise form and assemble metal parts. Cleans and prepares surfaces to be welded ensuring that there is no loose or thick scale, slag, rust, moisture, grease, or other foreign matter. Clamp, hold, tack-weld, heat-bend, grind or bolt parts to obtain required configurations to weld parts in flat, vertical, or overhead positions using manual or semi-automatic welding equipment. Monitor the fitting, burning and welding processes to avoid overheating of parts of warping, shrinking, distortion, or expansion of material.  Examines completed work for defects to ensure conformance and specifications. Acts as crane operator and understands safety protocols associated with crane operation. Maintains welding and related equipment. Punctuality and attendance are essential functions of the job. All other duties as assigned. Background and drug screen required.

Mill Work-Eugene, Or $18.00+/ hour
Mill Work- Eugene, Or $18.00+/ hour
Most positions are starting as an entry level position, all positions have opportunity to work your way up the ladder to a further skilled permanent position.   


* Ability to listen, take direction and learn

* Basic math skills

* Work effectively with others in crew and be a team player

* Display pride of workmanship

* Reliable and dependable

* Use safe work practices

* Great attendance is mandatory  

Physical Requirements:

* Ability to lift up to 50-100 lbs throughout shift

* Ability to stand for 8-10 hour shifts

* Must wear personal protective equipment

* Ability to perform the following physical actions on a repetitive 

Ice Cream Manufacturing-Eugene, Or $15-18/hr

Shifts available:

Day Shift: 6:00am-2:30pm (OT as needed) $15.00

Swing Shift: 2:30pm-Finish (OT as needed) $15.50

Grave Shift 8pm-Finish (OT as needed) $17.50

Warehouse Openings; Day: $17.50 Swing: $18.00

All shifts are full time Monday thru Friday (8-10 hour shifts OT/Weekends as needed)

These positions are full time temp to hire, 40+ hours per week 

Job Summary:

  • Prepares for and packages products manually.
  • Performs basic quality control checks, including accurate packaging, package counts, dates, and weight, and evaluates product or package appearance.
  • Folding and taping boxes, applies labels, and stacks boxes on pallets according to direction.
  • Moves pallets to finished goods storage.
  • Workers may use bar code readers or computer devices to track production efficiencies.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing workstations as well as discarding and throwing away tainted products into garbage bins.
  • Taking out trash and other duties as assigned.  

Physical Demands:

  • Stand: Static standing is frequent when hand packing and case making, mixed with walking while palletizing.
  • Walk: Occasional to freezer over approximately 50 feet to the freezer and back.
  • Lifting: 5lbs or less continuously, 6-10 lbs frequently, 11-40 lbs occasionally.
  • Reach: Constant forward reach, the conveyor moving product is 41” tall and product is located approximately 16 inches away from the employee.
  • Hand/Eye coordination: constant.
  • Grasp: Constant.
Green Chain/Lamination-Eugene, Or $18.00+

Green Chain/Lamination: These positions are working in a mill setting, we currently have green chain positions and lamination positions available $18.00 hourly. These open positions are temp to hire positions working for a great Company with great benefits.


* Ability to listen, take direction and learn

* Basic math skills

* Work effectively with others in crew and be a team player

* Display pride of workmanship

* Reliable and dependable

* Use safe work practices

* Good attendance is mandatory

Physical Requirements:

* Ability to lift up to 50-100 lbs throughout shift

* Ability to stand for 8-10 hour shifts

* Must wear personal protective equipment

* Ability to perform the following physical actions on a repetitive

Requirements to apply:

* Provide two forms of valid ID

Landscaping- (Maintenance) Temp to Hire, Eugene, OR. $15.00/HR DOE

Landscaping- (Maintenance) Temp to Hire: Background and drug screen required. Monday to Friday 7am to 5:30pm. If you enjoy getting wet and the intricacies of maintaining and installing new irrigation systems for residential and commercial landscapes, we have a position open with our irrigation team. Many of these positions must have the physical ability to work hard and efficiently in the Oregon weather. This means the ability to lift 50lbs. repeatedly and up to 75lbs. occasionally. Mostly we work in teams, but some jobs can be completed independently. So, the right candidate must work well with others or on their own.  Candidates are asked to have a valid driver's license and reliable transportation as you will be driving to multiple job sites. Experience in landscape maintenance and/or construction/irrigation is helpful though we will train the right individuals. Knowledge and experience with correct hardscape installation techniques is helpful for our advanced construction positions, though will train the right individuals. Plant knowledge, pruning, weed identification all helpful for our maintenance position. High-end landscape maintenance and construction firm and are looking for the right individuals that bring creativity and a good work ethic to add to the team for full-time work throughout the year.

Egg Farm-General Labor Eugene, OR $15.00/ hr

Hours: 8:00 am till 4:30 pm with ½ hour lunch at 12:00, two 15 minute breaks not seasonal work.

Scheduled work days – 6 days working with 2 consistent days off (which rotate each week)

 Working in a hen house, being one on one with thousands of free ranged chickens.

 Job duties include:

-Standing, walking, bending, stooping for 8 hours

-Collecting organic eggs off belts or by hand out of nest

-Shoveling floors

-Cleaning chicken house

-Taking care of the chickens

-Making sure feeders and waters are working

-Making minor repairs

-Counting eggs

-Reading water meters and recording amount used

-Recording other house info

-Weighing birds

 With working in the hen houses there is an odor but you do get fitted for a respirator.

Boots, hair nets, coveralls and other PPE’s are provided. While walking the houses every morning

You do come across a deceased hen once in awhile so you do have to be comfortable with discarding


Steel Manufacturing-Eugene, OR $16.00-$16.75 hr

These companies specifically build and assembly various steel projects from top to bottom.

Available Shifts;
Day: 5:30am-4pm Mon-Thur (Fri and OT as needed)
Swing: 4pm-2:30am Mon-Thur (Fri and OT as needed)
There is also Mon-Fri positions available as well, shifts may vary.

--Ability to listen, take direction and learn
--Operate machinery
--Basic math skills
--Attention to detail
--Loading/unloading product on trays
--Work with grinding and deburring tools
--Assist in other areas when needed
--Work effectively with others in crew and be a team player
--Display pride of workmanship
--Reliable and dependable
--Use safe work practices
--Must wear personal protective equipment
--Good attendance is mandator

Entry Level Metal Manufacturing -Eugene, OR 14.00-15.00/hr

Entry Level Metal Manufacturing -Eugene, OR  14.00-15.00/hr

All Star Labor and Staffing has several entry level metal manufacturing companies located in Eugene, Or. These positions are temp-to-hire, we have day shift and swing shift available.
Day: 14.00
Swing: 15.00
This specific company doesn't require a background check and is THC friendly.
Job Details;
-Operating overhead crain
-Running burn tables
-Sanding/grinding and deburring
-Forklift driving
-Forming press

Nursery/Greenhouse-General Labor $14/hr & Forklift $15/hr - Cottage Grove
Nursery/Greenhouse-General Labor $14.00/hr & Forklift $15/hr - Cottage Grove

Nursery/Greenhouse-General Labor & Forklift available- Cottage Grove

Forklift (must have experience) $15.00an hour

Working in a greenhouse setting, being able to stand 8-10 hour shifts.

Full time-Seasonal

Day Shift: 7am-3:30pm (Mon-Fri, Sat as needed) 

Nursery Responsibilities;

~Grading and inspecting seedlings.

~Maintaining cleanliness in all areas in the nursery.

~Standing, walking, stooping, crouching, kneeling/squatting, bending, reaching, pushing, and pulling.

~Consistently lift between 20-40lbs.

~Use garden tools and watering equipment.

~Working inside and outside during inclement winter weather and summer weather; in appropriate attire.

~Any other tasks as assigned from time to time by nursery supervisors. 

Masks are required to be always worn on the property, even working independently in the greenhouse.

Quality Assurance Inspector-Eugene, Or $16.00-$20.00/hr

Quality Assurance Inspector-Eugene, Or $16.00-$20.00/hr

All Star Labor and Staffing is currently looking for a QA Inspector for a steel manufacturing company located in the Eugene area.

General Description of Job: In-process inspections of production parts (turret punch, laser cutting, welding, shear, press brake, etc.). Final quality inspections. Roving quality checks and in-process audits. Various record keeping tasks.

Essential Job Tasks: Performing QC inspections, inspecting machine setup parts (first piece inspections), tagging, stamping or otherwise marking QC approved parts and logging rejected parts, and entering data into the MRP system.

Other Job Tasks: Collecting SPC data upon customer request, performing tool maintenance and inspection, communicating occasionally with customers relating to production quality issues, and researching corrective actions as needed. Meet all company requirements pertaining to the use of the time clock. Maintain a clean and organized work area. Work safely.

Shift: 7:30am-4pm Monday through Friday

Knowledge, Skill, and Experience Requirements: Able to read and interpret customer drawings, specifications and requirements. Proficient in the use of all manner of measuring instruments, such as; calipers, gage blocks, height gage, micrometers, etc. Familiar with PCs and Windows based programs. Data entry skills. Possess a positive, helpful attitude. Self-motivated, outgoing and cooperative. Excellent attendance. Ability to stay focused and work well under pressure (e.g. time constraints).

Education, License, and Certification Requirements: High school education preferred. Must complete all ISO 9001/AS9100 training as required.

Machines and Tools Used: Dial, digital, and vernier calipers, networked computer, surface plate, dial test indicator, height gauge, scientific calculator, gauge blocks and pins, various jigs and templates, protractor, dial chamfer, countersink gauge, and cotton gloves for cosmetic parts.

Appropriate Work Attire: Leather boots that cover the ankle are required. Tank tops are not allowed, but cut off sleeves are permitted. Clothing that displays profanity, obscenities, or anything inappropriate is not permitted. Clothing must not have obvious holes or tears. Superior Steel frequently has guests tour the shop; therefore, we ask that employees maintain a professional appearance. Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the production shop and outside. Denim or work pants are required. Sweat pants, shorts, and tennis shoes are not allowed. Gloves are recommended for some tasks but may be hazardous while performing other tasks. Ear protection must be worn in the grinding room. Ask your supervisor for specific information concerning your task.

Environmental Factors and Working Conditions: Work atmosphere is mostly indoors and can be noisy and dusty. Outside weather conditions affect shop temperature. Shop is partially heated in winter.

Grave Shift Forklift Driver-Eugene, Or $18.00an hour

Schedule: 10pm-6:30am $18.00an hour


~Loading, unloading, shipping and receiving items from the warehouse.

~Transport materials to various locations within the company.

~Be aware of safety hazards in the workplace.

~Follow safety management standards.

~Complying with production schedules.

~Secure loads to the machine before transport.

~Pay attention to maintenance and repairs.

~Pack and take orders for shipping.

~Be organized and have good communication.

~Be attentive to details.

~Excellent hand-eye coordination.

~Have good physical condition.


Press Operator-Springfield, Or - $15-$15.35/hr Depending on Shift

Press Operator-Spriingfield, Or

6:00am to 2:30pm at $15/hour and 2:30pm to 1am at $15.35/hour 

Running Press Machinery to produce parts that meet customer specifications. Boxing parts ensuring the correct box is being used, the correct label is being placed, and the correct pallet quantity is being produced. Every press is different so training will not be done in one week but will be on-going. There’s the possibility of every day in a week being spent running different material into different parts, once trained, because machines should be run quickly enough that jobs (work orders) are finished within a day or swing shift. **Must have resume**

Granola/Cereal Packaging-Eugene, Or $16.00an hour

Grave: $16.00an hour 10pm-6:30am (Sat and OT as needed)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Safely and efficiently case pack and hand palletize pouches and cartons according to product specifications and customer needs
Use work order parameters to perform checks of product, packaging, and case printing. Reports any issues or concerns observed
Frequently inspect product for adherence to quality, food safety, and customer requirements
Assist with production changeover process by delivering and removing materials using powered industrial trucks and pallet-jacks
Complete clean up responsibilities during work-area washdowns, based on production schedule. Use cleaning solutions and equipment to safely, thoroughly, and efficiently clean work area
Accurately complete paperwork and logs during changeovers, washdowns, and First Article events
Perform routine housekeeping responsibilities according to quality and food safety standards, including: cleaning floors, recycle materials, trash, end of shift clean ups
Responsible for following policies, standard operating procedures, customer specifications, and GMPs to maintain overall Food Safety and Quality program excellence
Other duties, as assigned

Physical Requirements: Qualified candidates must be able to perform the following physical job requirements, with or without reasonable accommodation:
Must be able to walk or stand for up to 8+ hours per shift
Must be able to reach above shoulders for 1+ hours per shift
Must be able to balance, bend, crouch, kneel, and stoop for 4+ hours per shift
Must be able to perform simple grasping, push, pull, and feel for 4+ hours per shift
Must be able to lift up-to 50 pounds
Must be able to express or exchange ideas by means of spoken or written word
Must be able to make fine distinctions by sound
Must be able to distinguish object or equipment

Sub-Acute Detoxification Support Staff-Eugene, Or $16.00an hour

Support Staff Specialist will carry out duties as a team member providing comprehensive service & Support for men & women while they are in residential detox. Under general supervision, Support staff will work directly with WF individuals obtaining services by assisting individuals recovering from the disease of Alcoholism and/ or drug addiction.
Minimum Qualifications:
*Possess training, knowledge and experience demonstrating competence in conduction sobering and detoxification services (Individuals may be provided on the job training to meet these requirements and may not exercise primary responsibility to provide client care until these qualifications are met)
*Posses within six weeks of employment, and maintain a current First Aid and CPR certification.
*Posses and Maintain an Oregon Food Handlers Card within six weeks of employment.
*Posses a firm knowledge of safe handling of blood borne pathogens.
*Be a high school Graduate or equivalent.
*Posses knowledge of alcohol and drug withdrawal process and procedures.
*Posses knowledge of disease concept of addiction.
*Posses knowledge and information of 12-step groups and other community resources.
*Must have physical ability to bend, stoop, twist, kneel, reach, squat, pull and lift heavy patience.
*Must adhere to agency's non-discrimination policies.
*Ability to effectively interact with Co-workers and patients with diverse ethnic backgrounds, religious views, political affiliation, cultural backgrounds, life-styles, and sexual orientations and treat each other with respect and dignity. "Other duties as assigned"

All Star Labor & Staffing follows the vaccination policy of each individual client. This position does require proof of vaccination. Reasonable accommodations in accordance with Title VII and ADA will be reviewed and processed according to all applicable laws.

Housekeeping- Eugene, Or $15.50an hour

Housekeeping- Eugene, Or $15.50an hour 7:30am-4:00pm

•Demonstrated Customer Service orientation
•Effective communication skills in English
•General knowledge of sanitation and safety practices or ability to quickly learn and retain
•Ability to perform housekeeping duties following housekeeping sanitation standards

•In the role of Housekeeper, you will be responsible to maintain Holiday Community interior, including residents’ apartments, in a clean and sanitary fashion and in a courteous and friendly manner
•Provide general housekeeping for both the Community as a whole and individual resident apartments
•This includes, but is not limited to: vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning the main entry way, common areas, dining room, hallways, patios, and resident apartments
•Resident apartments also include cleaning and defrosting refrigerators (as needed), cleaning and check of heat system filters, etc., changing the bed and linens and making sure adequate linen supplies are in each apartment
•Turning mattresses (with assistance) as necessary and emptying waste baskets
•Provide deep cleaning of apartments as needed
•Pay special attention to the main entry area, with focus on carpets, plants, pictures, railings, windows and light fixtures
•Launder all linens by washing and drying in the laundry facilities provided
•Follow Holiday’s sanitation and safety procedures
•Details regarding the housekeeper’s cleaning responsibilities can be found in the Holiday Retirement Community Care guidelines
•Complete weekly and monthly inventories of cleaning supplies, chemicals, toilet paper, linen and other items
•When needed spot check rooms using the housekeeping evaluation checklist with assistance of the general manager
•Help support the community leadership team when speaking with staff and residents
•Other duties as assigned

All Star Labor & Staffing follows the vaccination policy of each individual client. This position does require proof of vaccination. Reasonable accommodations in accordance with Title VII and ADA will be reviewed and processed according to all applicable laws.

Serving-Eugene, Or $14.00 hour

Serving-Eugene, Or $14.00 hour


•Maintains food handlers permit as necessary to fulfill state regulations
•Have a general knowledge of sanitation and safe food handling practices
•Must meet state age-related requirements or other state related requirements (as applicable for position)
•Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and positively in English, both verbally and in writing, with residents and staff
•Ability to work in a team setting and be a positive team player
•Maintain a positive, respectful, and professional approach with coworkers and residents
•Ability to keep all business and operations information confidential
•Possess excellent customer service and organizational skills
•Ability to work with little supervision and maintain a high level of performance
•Ability to work under time constraints and meet department deadlines while following all policies, procedures and standards

•Uphold our values of People, Passion, and Excellence through outstanding meal service to our residents and guests
•Provide excellent service to residents, guests, and coworkers in a courteous and friendly manner while following Sunshine Retirement Living's procedures
•Greets residents (and visitors if applicable) at table before taking orders or serving
•Politely and efficiently take meal orders and deliver them to kitchen
•Serves beverages, cereals, soups, salads, meals, and desserts
•Responds to additional patron requirements by inquiring of needs; observing dining process
•Reports issues to management immediately if not resolved
•Delivers meal trays to resident apartments as necessary
•Busses and cleans dining room tables and chairs
•Vacuums dining room after meals
•Sets tables for next meal
•Completes side duties, such as adding sugar and creamer packets, cleaning beverage center, etc.
•Performs other duties as assigned by Dining Room Coordinator, Executive Chef, or Management Team
•Perform all work assigned for the agreed-upon salary, accepting no additional payment or non-perishable gifts from residents, vendors, Community management, or others
•Meet the assigned work requirements of the job, regular attendance is required
•Serve as a role model for all employees by displaying a responsible, cooperative, and positive attitude
•Represent the Community in the Community in a professional, courteous, and friendly manner
•Adhere to dress/appearance code
•Changes in attire may be dictated by special occasion or weather conditions
•Adhere to company policies, procedures, and standards
•Promote resident advocacy and demonstrate excellent customer service at all times
•Attend education and training classes as necessary to fulfill state regulations applicable to the position
•Maintain personnel, resident and business proprietary and/or confidential matters/material in strict confidence with management of the company (and/or other company staff as needed)


All Star Labor & Staffing follows the vaccination policy of each individual client. This position does require proof of vaccination. Reasonable accommodations in accordance with Title VII and ADA will be reviewed and processed according to all applicable laws.

Painter/Prep- Eugene, Or - $15-$20/hr DOE

Painter/Prep- Eugene, Or $15.00-$20.00an-DOE

Schedule: 8:30am-5:00pm Mon-Fri
Job expectations:
* Prep and Painting experience (not required but is a plus)
* Ability to work with a Team
* Be self-motivated
* Have attention to detail
* Have a positive attitude
* Have a Valid Driver’s license

Physical requirements:
* Ability to move all day lifting, bending, and twisting
* Occasional Lifting / Moving up to 50lbs
* Assisting in sandblasting and other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:
Frequent exposure to outside weather conditions, dust, fumes, dirt, noise and vibrations.

This company can help you with services/products of:
• Materials & Chemicals
• Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Enamels, and Allied Products
• Polyurethane Coatings
• Manufacturing
Over the years we have recruited the best workers in the field of Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Enamels, and Allied Products. They are all certified Polyurethane Coatings, with over 28 years of experience in the Manufacturing industry.


Summer Seasonal Blueberry Packing-Eugene, Or $15.00-16.00an Hr

Blueberry packing starts July 18th and will last until September.

Line schedules: Monday-Saturday
7:00am - 3:30pm. Sundays as needed.

Sanitation: Monday-Saturday
5:00pm - 1:30am. Sundays as needed.

No Background Check or Drug Screen Required 

Grave Sanitation-Eugene, Or $17.50an Hr

Sanitation positions will be working around large processing equipment in which chemicals will be used to complete the sanitation process. These positions are working in an ice cream company located in the Eugene area. The sanitation worker must be able to work as a team along with other members of the crew, under stressful conditions, and be flexible and willing to perform varying tasks per the Sanitation Lead’s instructions and in accordance with all safety guidelines mandated by the employer.

Grave Shift: 8pm-Finish Monday through Friday (OT as needed) $17.50

➢ Clean and sanitize processing equipment and processing facilities.
➢ Prevent cross contamination of product, work-in-progress, food contact surfaces and food contact
packaging during sanitation procedures.
➢ Work safely with the chemicals used in the cleaning process
➢ Ensure all chemicals are used at proper concentrations.
➢ Complete all sanitation and required SQF documentation.
➢ Adheres to all company GMPs and Safety policies.
➢ Wash and maintain buckets and containers and the sanitary state of the Washing and Drying Room.
➢ Perform seasonal grounds duties including snow removal, trash pickup and leaf removal
➢ Maintain all sanitation related equipment including but not limited to automatic floor scrubbers,
vacuums, foamers, cleaning equipment and tools.
➢ Assist janitors with their duties as needed
➢ Other duties as assigned

Freezer Warehouse-Eugene, Or $17.50-18.00an Hr

Day Shift Pay: $17.50an hour

Swing Shift Pay: $18.00an hour

Warehouse Operator is responsible for assisting and covering a variety of warehouse positions and shifts, including shipping, and receiving, unloading and loading trucks, staging inventory for production and restocking warehouse returns.

• Work safely while operating material handlers and riding pallet jacks.
• Provide customer service to production department.
• Work closely with Warehouse Manager to complete daily tasks and goals.
• Maintain a clean and safe work environment including proper storage of ingredients and packaging.
• Communicate effectively daily both written and orally in a professional manner.
• Cover positions and shifts as directed by the Warehouse Manager.
• Operate material handlers (sit-down/stand-up), pallet trucks, riding walkie trucks in a safe manner.
• Complete daily inspections on material handlers, pallet trucks, and riding walkie trucks.
• Unload inbound shipments while correctly completing inbound receiving sheet and identifying packages with appropriate labels per company allergen policy.
• Load outbound trucks safely and efficiently adhering to proper load securement and allergen procedures.
• Participate in all safety programs as needed for the department, including but not limited to lock out/tag out, machine guarding, chemical handling, SDS for material used in production activities, and safety meetings.
• Report and correct any safety hazards identified to the appropriate Manager.
• Identify and report any quality assurance issues to QA department immediately.
• Complete carton orders as assigned utilizing FIFO procedures and accurately recording all information.
• Maintain accurate inventory by correctly identifying and recording lot information during all phases of the warehouse process.
• Daily clean work areas as outlined in the daily warehouse sanitation form.
• Return product to the warehouse from the production area while recording quantities and lot information after production runs are complete.
• Maintain proper staging of all ingredients/packaging for three days of production as required.
• Ensure that correct tempering procedures are followed while storing or staging ingredients.
• Check in visitors that request entry into the facility while properly logging them into our online system.
• Maintaining food safety and food quality through completing job tasks and maintaining work areas in a sanitary manner.
• Report food safety problems to personnel with authority to initiate action.
• Required Holidays and Weekends
• Able to follow color code to prevent cross contamination.
• Must follow all safety rules, GMPs and company guidelines.
• Work in a fast pace, repetitive environment. Must be able to package product at the speed the line equipment is running.
• Work with minimal supervision and be self-motivated.
• Participate in a safe, food safe and respectful work environment, by following company policies, processes and SOPs and proactively communicating concerns or ideas
• Perform other duties as needed and directed to support the goals of

• Prior experience in a warehouse environment preferred
• High School Diploma or Equivalent
• Material handling experience required
• Strong attention to detail
• Effective math skills; ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide using units of weight and volume measurements.
• Ability to multi-task while remaining calm and working effectively under pressure
• Ability to communicate effectively in the English language; speak, understand, and read written and verbal instructions, policies, and procedures
• Ability to work a flexible schedule, including overtime, weekends, and holidays
• Ability to perform required tasks safely, in a fast-paced work environment; ensuring food safety, quality and efficiency standards are achieved
• Positive attitude and a passion for quality food and ice cream a plus!

Work Environment/Physical Requirements:
Oregon Ice Cream contains office, manufacturing, and outdoor workspaces where this position is required to access and work. The position requires a person to be able to frequently walk, stand and climb; bend and twist; see, hear and talk; use hands to finger, handle or feel tool, controls, or products; use hands and arms to reach, hold and carry tools or products. Frequently lifting/moving up to 50lbs is also required; occasional lifting/transferring of objects may be required with assistance up to 75 lbs. Occasionally pushing/pulling with assistance up to 650 lbs. This positions also requires a person to handle environments of different temperatures and with various food allergens present.

Front Office Admin-Eugene, Or $16.00+ DOE

**Bilingual is not required but a plus**

- High attention to detail and possesses excellent organizational and writing skills
- Strong time management and organizational skills
- Customer service and office administrative skills
- Filing experience preferred
- Solid understanding of Answering Multi-Line Phone System
- Optimistic, perceptive, resourceful, solution-oriented, and tech-savvy
- Strong communication skills and able to receive criticism well
- Incoming phone call management skills required

Candidates responsibilities;

- Aid other administrative staff with support overflow work, including word processing, data entry and Internet research tasks
- Bring a sense of urgency and prioritization skills
- Manage various office files and provide general office filing support
- Create a welcoming environment for visitors
- Look after various office files and provide general office filing support
- Answering all incoming phone calls

Meet The Team

Kim Chance-Sepulveda

Kim Chance-Sepulveda

District Manager

Kim joined All Star Labor & Staffing in 2020 as the Branch Manager for the Eugene office. In 2022 Kim was promoted to District Manager for Eugene and Central Oregon. She brings 18 years of management staffing experience along with organization and creativity when it comes to fulfilling the customers’ needs in a timely manner. Kim loves spending time in Mexico with her family as well as spending beach days with her grandbabies looking for treasures.

Favorite Quote:

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain”

-Dolly Parton

Camisha Cole

Camisha Cole

Staffing Manager

Camisha joined All Star Labor & Staffing in 2020 as an Account Manager for the Eugene office and was promoted to Staffing Manager in 2022. She started staffing when she was 19 years old and came with 8 plus years of experience. She loves being able to help people with starting their career path. Outside the workplace Camisha loves spending time with her family as well as doing crafts and trying new recipes.

Favorite Quote:

“Happiness is a choice”

– Blake Paltz

Mirjum Woods

Mirjum Woods

Staffing Coordinator

Mirjum joined All Star Labor & Staffing in 2022 as a Staffing Coordinator for our Eugene office. She brings many years of experience in a variety of community outreach and support service roles including special needs and memory care. Mirjum is enthusiastic about assisting Eugene’s homeless veteran population find and retain employment. She enjoys spending her free time with her son as well as making blankets and crafts. 

Favorite Quote: 

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and the way you make others feel is your trademark.”  – Jay Danzie

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