Resumes are your marketing document to sell yourself, they are how you get noticed and hopefully an opportunity for an interview. Although, many people feel putting together a resume can be tough or overwhelming, but no need to stress, here are some tips to get your resume noticed.

  1. Keep it professional

Your resume is a business document so you must keep it professional. Get rid of the pictures, silly email address and personal introductions. While you make think it’s funny, your potential employer may not and that could hinder your chances of landing employment. Stick the facts, and keep it professional.

  1. Promote yourself

Your resume talks on your behalf so you need to sell yourself! Don’t be shy, this is your time to brag about your accomplishments, abilities and skills. Focus on what can I bring to this organization and bring those abilities to light. Emphasize your skills, especially ones this company is looking for as this will catch a recruiter’s eye.

  1. Find a template

The frustrating days of fiddling with margins and formats with Microsoft Word are over! There are endless free templates online that you can download and input your information. This will help keep your information nice, organized and easy for someone to navigate through. Remember to keep it simple though, you don’t want one over the top trying to stand out.

  1. Use one page

Recruiters are typically busy people going through tons of resumes so chances are they may not even get to the second page of your resume. Avoid adding every single detail of your work history and all of your job duties.  Plus, a well-groomed resume give your accomplishments room to shine.

  1. Create more than one resume

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably worked in a variety of industries and have gained unique skills from each. To help your resume stand out, create multiple resumes for each industry. Simply use the same template then edit the information, but be sure to tailor the information to a particular job prior to submitting your resume.

  1. Keep it simple

Skip the fancy fonts, and colorful text, as an employer only wants to look at the facts. Not only can colorful backgrounds, text and images but distracting but sometimes also not compatible with different software. If an employer is having trouble opening and viewing your resume, it may get skipped.

  1. Make copies

You want to have copies of your resume with you at all times while job searching and always bring a copy with you to an interview. Another great tip is to have a digital copy saved in your email so if you need to email it, you got it right at your fingertips

  1. Check and recheck.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are very important in a resume. Too many errors in a resume can appear to not pay attention or show you don’t put forth much effort and may result in your resume being passed on. Re-read every single word on your resume and also have someone else read over it prior to submitting.

So go find that perfect resume template that fits your personality and get to work! I promise that a well put together resume will be very beneficial for you and All Star Labor & Staffing’s recruiters in your job search.