All Star Labor & Staffing Success Stories – Benjamin Clemens

Working at All Star, we see hundreds of employees come through our doors weekly and everyone has a different story to tell. Everyone has a different background and reason for utilizing our services and that is why we sit down with each and every one to get to know them better and find the best fit for them. It is all too common though that through our thorough interviewing process that we get to know our employees well and become moved by their stories. We want to share some of those stories with you as we are simply proud of what they have been able to achieve by hard work and perseverance.

Benjamin Clemens was referred into our Salem office by Chad Tucker at Worksource Oregon and was immediately welcomed in by our Account Manager, Julie. Benjamin says that his initial experience with us was, “Beyond words.” He was struggling at the time, so much that he was living out of his car and was about to lose that. He says that despite his struggles, the Salem team just loved him and had faith in him. Within a couple of days he had interviewed for a two different jobs and on Thursday of that week, he was offered a full time job. That was over a month ago and he is still there and doing great. He works in firewood production where he also drives forklift.

Since Benjamin started working with us he says that he feels like he is a contributor now. Not only has his perspective changed, but so has his financial situation. Since starting, he has purchased a new truck and is also close to getting his own place!

Julie from our Salem office had the pleasure of working with Benjamin and helped in get established with his new job. She says, “He has and continues to be a joy to work with and know. He comes in on Fridays to pick up his check and is always full of life and excited to share his work success with us.” She adds, “When Benjamin walked through our doors in early August he was visibly shaken and seemed rather defeated and literally in a matter of two weeks, Ben had a sense of happiness about him. He exemplifies hope.”

Thank you to both Ben and our Salem office for sharing this moving story, and a huge congratulations to Ben on your success in both the workplace and life.