Here at All Star Labor & Staffing we have the honor of being a part of peoples journey. Everyone’s needs are different and it is our job to find them a job that is the right fit for both their skills and personality. Our employees are our partners, we wouldn’t be here without their hard work and that makes us their biggest fans. Cheering on our fellow staff members and employees is a gift and we like to honor them as much as we can. Today we want to honor one of them – Tavarius W., employed in Salem, OR.

“Tavarius W. came to our office on December 9th, 2016,” said Karen Cain, Salem Branch Manager. “It was clear from the outset that he was a well-raised young man; he is polite, engaging, and expressed a strong desire to work. His first assignment was working as a water technician. His primary duty was to use pumps and other tools to remove water from flooded homes or businesses. The work ethic and charisma Tavarius has demonstrated has caused him to be requested repeatedly by the same company for other jobs. In fact, the company operations manager has expressed his desire to hire Tavarius, essentially switching him onto the company’s payroll including benefits. This is something this company is not in the habit of doing very often. Whenever this young man pays us a visit, we are always left with smiles.”

Travarius and his fiancée moved to Salem, OR from Riverside, CA where they had a difficult time finding a job. He applied to multiple locations and was always liked by the company, but getting an actual interview proved to be difficult. As most job hunters find these days, it seems that you don’t always hear back from companies after submitting resumes. After moving to Salem and contacting All Star Labor & Staffing, Tavarius not only was immediately employed, he now has his first full-time job ever and it comes with a 401K! “I love my job,” Tavarius said when talking to All Star, “I am so thankful for the help the All Star team gave me. Someday I intend on attending college to go into law enforcement and I know I can count on All Star to find me work that helps accommodate my school schedule. I am just so happy!”

Thank you Tavarius, you are an All Star!
-All Star Labor & Staffing