You may not know this but we are not just a staffing company, actually the staffing company grew out of our first business American Admin, Inc. American Admin is a PEO company. Not many people have any idea what that means so let me break it down. (PEO) stands for Professional Employer Organization. American Admin serves hundreds of businesses that are small to mid-sized, in 6 states. Our team has over 22 years’ experience in the Employee Leasing Industry, yet another term used to describe a PEO. Our group of human resource specialists help small and mid-sized businesses manage their employee needs by providing:

• Administration Service
• Workers’ Compensation, including administration and audit.
• Company Group Insurance Plans
• Employment Taxes
• Human Resource Management
• Labor Law Compliance
• Management of Garnishment, Court Orders for IRS levies and Child Support.
• On-Site Safety Consultants
• Payroll Processing, including direct deposit.
• Professional Human Resource Consulting
• Risk Management
• Processing for new-hires

Many employers did not get into business to become human resource specialists, payroll administrators, tax collectors, benefits administrator, insurance analyst, workers compensation safety professional, or the garnisher of wages, but the PEO experts at American Admin did. Our entire staff has spent years staying within state and federal guidelines for thousands of employees as well as create an important employment base that helps support some of the best jobs in Oregon.

How can we help you? It’s a simple process. Enjoy the expert benefits of outsourcing. We take your employees and put them under our federal and state tax identification numbers and lease them back to you while providing all of the HR Solutions, payroll administration, and hands-on management that is needed to help your company save time, cut costs, and support your success.

In the process we become co-employers. You still guide and direct your employees daily activities and we take on all the fiduciary responsibilities of being the employer. OH – and don’t forget, we have temporary or direct hire employees at the ready in case you need some extra helping hands as your business grows.

~ All Star Labor & Staffing and American Admin Inc.