It’s probably something that most employers and managers forget about in their day to day, but a top contributor to a productive company is positive employee morale. Showing employee recognition and gratitude such as a thank you or a job well done can result in employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.
Showing appreciation doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive. In fact, employees are most grateful for noticing the small details of their work or accomplishments and being recognized for their contributions. For ten ways to show you employees you appreciate them, keep reading!
Easy Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation
Simply say, “thank you”
Employees like knowing that their hard work and contribution is recognized and valued, so remember to thank employees for a job well done. A simple please and thank you will go very far in the work place and keep employees happy.
Praise a job well done
Take notice of the accomplishments your employees achieve and praise them no matter how small the job detail is. In your next meeting, maybe congratulate them on a job well done and share your gratitude.
Share good news
In your team meetings, take a moment to share something positive going on in either your work life or personal life. This will start off every meeting on a good note.
Be open to suggestions
Start a suggestions program wherein employees are encouraged to give their input on improvements that could be made to increase the workplace efficiency. This will also help your employees feel heard.
Start a tradition
Depending on budget, start a tradition to which employees can look forward, whether it be ordering and enjoying lunch together weekly or doing a holiday potluck every year. Find something for which everyone can come together and celebrate.
Celebrate milestones
Find out everyone’s birthday or work anniversary and mark it on your calendar. Celebrate the day by ordering a cake or just having everyone sign a card. This will make an employee feel special and remembered.
Food always helps
You can never go wrong with food in the workplace. Consider offering food for many different occasions. Morning doughnuts, buying everyone lunch, or even just having snacks on hand can help employees enjoy their day.

Have a one on one
Do you have a new employee or just someone you really haven’t gotten to know very well yet? Invite them into your office and take a moment to really chat with them. Find out more about them both in their work life and personal life. Showing interest in your employees will show that you care about them as a whole.
Provide opportunity
Employees want chances to grow professionally. Offer opportunities for training or cross training into new departments or higher positions. Allow employees participate in community events in which they are able to network and represent your company. Let your employees know they have room for growth within your company and that you support them.