Primarily, the benefit of working with a staffing agency is saving time and money! First, consider the time. In today’s economic situation, the applicant to position ratio is lower than normal. As the job market begins to recover, applicants have more options to choose from, especially during the holiday season when we tend to get employers looking for 50 temporary employees for the busiest shopping time of the year. When your company places a job opening on the internet you may receive fewer resumes – of those, generally less than 50% of applicants are truly qualified for the position. This leads to increased time requirements to find the appropriate candidates to fill vacant positions.

Here is how we save you money: All Star Labor & Staffing has been placing screened, qualified employees since 2009. We are experts in recruiting and work with each individual client to identify hiring pain points in an effort to solve each staffing issue in a customized and timely way. Most advertisements on the web for employment range from $400.00 to $800.00 with no guarantee for results. However, in utilizing All Star, if we fail to provide you with the results you desire, your company will not be charged a cent. Unless we are able to provide you with your needed employee, we do not get paid!

In addition to saving your company time and money, All Star Labor & Staffing isn’t your average staffing company. Interviewing, screening and recruiting is what we do and our company mission is to staff with honor. That means always respecting our clients by doing our very best at only sending candidates that we believe would be the best fit for your needs. The same goes for our employees, we believe in honoring them by sending them out to jobs completely prepared and confident in that they are a good fit for the position they are filling.

~ All Star Labor & Staffing