Congratulations, you have survived your first week at your new job! By now you have probably gotten settled into your new workplace, made a couple friends, and maybe even helped out on a few projects, however at this point it is time to start focusing on establishing yourself and moving into the first month stage. Here are some tips to help guide you into success.

Keep asking questions.

Asking questions is how you will learn and grow in your career. It’s now time to start asking more questions about what you can do to help your team. Ask to be included more in day to day tasks and write down all the important details. Question like, “What are our quarterly goals and how can I help achieve them?” would be appropriate at this time.

What is expected of you?

Have a discussion with your manager to define what their expectations are and come prepared with a plan on how you plan to achieve those expectations. Ask to do a feedback meeting at the end of your first month to see how you have progressed and where you can improve.

Find your niche.

You were hired for a reason and it is time to let your skills and talents shine. Bring your many strengths to the table to fill in where your team needs you. Find out what a struggle is within the company and search for a way to improve the problem.

Study the culture.

Every work environment has its own people dynamics which is very important to observe because understanding the culture will help you fit in and grow. Keep making new connections and allowing other to get to know you too. By interacting with coworkers and attentively observing how everyone works and collaborates, you’ll gain valuable insight into the company and group culture.

Double check your work

You are still in the “extended interview” period so you want to always try to make a good impression. You haven’t be working here long enough to have your work fine groomed yet so be sure to double check your work and even ask a fellow colleague to look something over. While you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with the stress of being perfect, you do want to put your best foot forward any chance you get.

Stay motivated.

While you may not be as motivated as you were on day one, keep a positive attitude and be appreciative of this opportunity that you worked so hard for. For help, find someone in the company that you look up to, what did they have to do to get where they are? Make those your goals and stay focused on your career growth.