Spirit Of Excellence

Spirit Of Excellence

You may have heard the term before but are not quite sure what it means. For people of faith, it may make you think about being empowered to walk in the excellence of God – as I walk in His excellence, His Spirit will enable me to radiate His glory. While that is truly beautiful, I think there can be many interpretations of what the spirit of excellence can mean for individuals depending on the situation. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we have a weekly meeting where our fearless leader gives us some words of wisdom. This week she wanted to renew our commitment to The Sprit of Excellence and remind us of what it means to her and how she wants to see it implemented in the way we do business every day.

Now, we have all seen something with the spirit of excellence. Something that is truly beautiful and inspiring and in a lot of cases brings you to tears. For example, the first time Ramona Mathany saw her daughters dance team preform she was completely awe struck. In that moment when the lights were dimmed and all twenty of the young women started to spin and dance in perfect unison, the magnitude of team dedication hit like a bolt of lightning. This team is the spirit of excellence she thought. Every team member was just as important as the other, each completely trusting and relying on each other to be in sync when needed and then to be the solo when the time came. Each person presented themselves in a way that was a positive reflection for the entire team. Ramona knew her daughter was religiously practicing and was totally dedicated but seeing it come together like that in one perfectly in-sync dance was truly amazing. She had heard people in the community talk about how good the dance team was and the usual reply was that of – “well of course , that’s who they are.” That is when it struck that she wanted to bring this spirit into her work. She wanted to hear positive things about her business with the same response – “well, that’s All Star.”

At All Star Labor & Staffing we implement the Sprit of Excellence using the five key characteristics outlined below. These characteristics can be shaped into your daily life or your workplace if you so wish.

1. Honesty – Do you speak with full honesty to our customers, employees and each other? If yes, then you are demonstrating excellence in your communication.

2. Keeping Agreements – Beyond honesty is keeping your agreements. Are you doing what you committed to do? Can you be relied upon to keep your word? If yes, then you are demonstrating excellence in your follow through.

3. Follow the Rules – Part of the agreement you make with All Star is to follow the rules and expectations of the company. Are you doing what is expected of you, in the manner asked of you? If yes, then you are excellent at what you do.

4. Hold Each Other Accountable – We each need accountability, for ourselves and others in order to keep the quality of the company at the highest level. Do you see something that does not align with the company’s expectations? If yes, have you said something to that person? Finally, are you open to hearing another person keep you accountable? If yes, to all of these, then you are demonstrating excellence in accountability.

5. Learn from You Experience – Finally being able to learn from your experience; being able to recognize when something needs to change, and making that change is a vital skill to achieving the spirit of excellence. If either you are self-correcting or have been asked to correct a behavior by changing the behavior to meet the expectation set for you, you are showing that you can learn from your experience. You are demonstrating the spirit of excellence.

At All Star Labor, we know that nobody is perfect. Perfection is actually a ridiculous thing to strive for. Everyone makes mistakes, it is how you handle yourself when the mistakes happen that really matters. Living the Spirit of Excellence at work is the only way to truly work as a thriving team. If you have worked with any of us and you think we could have done better, we hope you let us know. It helps us keep us on our toes and in the Spirit!