You’ve turned in our application, you’ve confirmed your interview, and now it’s time for the next crucial step in the hiring process, the interview. Your interview could be the make it or break it point in landing that job you really want, so it is important to come prepared.

All Star Labor & Staffing does hundreds of interviews each week so we know what it takes to showcase your best self. Representing your best self while interviewing reassures us that you will be a great candidate for any job we place you at, so it’s best to avoid these common mistakes.

Arriving late

If you’re unable to be punctual when it’s time to represent your best self, our interviewers will have their doubts about you being a reliable worker. A good rule of thumb is show up five to fifteen minutes early. To ensure this, research how long it will take you to get there and have reliable transportation. If something does happen and you’re running behind, always call to us.

Using your cell phone

Although tempting, avoid using your phone during an interview and keep it on silent. Answering calls or texts during an interview can cause you to loose favor very quickly as this can appear that you do not take the interview seriously or you do not respect the interviewer or their time. It is also professional to remain off your phone while in the waiting area so you’re prepared for when it is time to interview.

Dressing inappropriately

Pay attention to how you appear before going into an interview. Are your clothes too tight, too loose, too dirty, inappropriate logos or brands? How you dress now shows how you will appear to future employers and customers. It is always best to dress more professional than less.


This should go without saying, but just don’t do it. Lying about your past employment, abilities, education, drug screen, criminal background can most likely forfeit you from a position. Honesty is always the best policy with us.

Talking wages at the beginning of interview

Candidates should not bring up the topic of salary as this can appear you are only interested in the job perks. Coming out immediately with wage requirements may also eliminate you from certain positions that may have room for much growth. Instead, wait for the interviewer to bring up wages.

Talking negatively about previous employers

Maybe you had a bad experience at a previous job, but badmouthing them will only make you look bad. An interviewer will automatically think this is how you would speak about us if hired. Stick to just your past job duties, experience and skills you learned while employed there. Also, if you are asked about weaknesses, hold yourself accountable instead of blaming others in past experiences.

Having poor body language

Communication goes way beyond words. An interviewer is noticing everything that you are doing, so shake off those nerves give a firm handshake, have good eye contact and try not to fidget excessively.

Being rude or using inappropriate language

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day, you need to come into an interview with a positive attitude. Be courteous to everyone you encounter as you don’t know who has a say in the hiring process. Please always keep language professional even while in the waiting area as well.

By avoiding these mistakes you will appear professional, and a trustworthy person that is ready to work. So if you’re ready to take that next step in your employment search, fill out All Star Labor & Staffing’s application online today at then call to schedule your interview.