Tips To Save Money When Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Saving money. We all have it in the back of our minds as something we should be doing, but it can seem very difficult, especially if you find yourself living to paycheck to paycheck. That unsettling feeling of wondering how you will cover surprise financial expenses can worry you sick, but starting an emergency fund is easier than you’d expect, it just takes a plan and discipline. Here are some strategies to get you started on saving money.

Find Your Reason

If your goal is to start a savings account when money is tight, knowing your reason ‘why’ will help motivate and keep you on the right track. Look at your long term goals: perhaps you want to save up for a new vehicle, down payment on a home, starting a family, or simply having an emergency fund. Establish your reason, write it down, and keep your eye on your goal.

Start Fresh

Hit the reset button on your savings mindset by looking into a new savings account, possibly even with a new bank. This can make it easier to focus on saving money without being tempted to easily move money from savings to checking on a whim. Keep that account separate and only for saving money. To start an initial balance, look around your house or vehicle for spare change, it all can add up quickly.

Investigate Your Spending

Go through all of your expenses and analyze exactly how much you are spending and where. Map out where your money is going each month, including any hidden fees or interest you may be paying without realizing. When it comes to saving money, you will need to take the time to find ways to “make room” in your finances. Once a week, pick a bill and contact that company to find if there are any ways to help you save. For example, contact your car insurance company and ask if they offer a good driver discount or long term member discount. Also, compare auto insurances to see if there is a similar company that is less expensive.

Establish a Plan

Now that you have pinpointed where all of your spending is going, it is time to establish a plan to save, and stick with it.

Write out a budgeting plan, and make it attainable. Set aside each monthly expense, and be prepared for unexpected charges such as vehicle registration. Having a set budget will keep you on track to saving and avoid a spontaneous urge to spend.

Find where you can save on additional expenses. Try removing takeout meals, entertainment and family vacations – these are great categories to start with. You’d be surprised to find yourself not even noticing the cutback as you’re saving.

Now that you know where you can save money and make expense cutbacks, it is time to start setting aside that money and building up a savings account. Even if your savings start out small, you will have a sense of relief knowing you have established an account and you have a goal that you are working toward. Watch with pride your account continues to grow each month.

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