To Follow Up After An Interview, Or Not?

You’ve just completed the job interview that you had been preparing for and looking forward to for some time. You’re feeling confident on how you did, then you started thinking about the ever so common question of, “Should I follow up after my interview?” The simple answer is, yes. A professional follow up requires adequate writing and timing. If done properly, a recruiter or hiring manager will be impressed with your communication skills and interest in the position discussed or other positions available. Here we have some steps to ease your way into staying in communication with your interviewer and hopefully landing that job you’ve been working so hard towards.

Step 1: Ask What the Next Step Is – During the Interview

It is your responsibility to ask before you leave the interview when you should expect to hear something back from your interviewer. Then jot down that time frame and be sure to get their contact information before you leave.

Step 2: Send a Thank You Letter

A handwritten thank you letter can really make a big impression on a hiring manager. It shows that you care enough about this opportunity to take the time to write out a note, put a stamp on it and mail it out. If you are unable to write out a handwritten note, an email message will work just fine. The key is to get this letter out as soon as possible after your interview. Make it your goal to get your letter sent within 24 hours of your interview.

Your thank you letter should include of course thanking whomever took the time to meet with you, reiterate your interest in the job and the company, and highlight your relevant skills and experience that make you the ideal candidate.

Step 3: Follow Up Message

After waiting the appropriate amount of time, as discussed in your interview to get a response, you are completely free to send a follow up email. A follow up letter is meant to be short and to the point. This is your opportunity to remind them that you are excited for this opportunity and ask if there is any update or if any decisions have been made. Be specific in your message about when you interviewed and what position or positions you discussed. Again, be sure to thank them for taking the time to meet with you, and let them know you are appreciative of their time and any update they can offer at this time.

Step 4: Prepare Your Follow Up Responses

If you do get a response back but they have no update at this time, that is okay, you know that you have done your part and have shown initiative. When responding, be sure to thank them for an update and ask if they have a time frame on when a decision will be made so you will know when to follow up again. Let them know that you understand these decisions take time, but are still interested in the position.

Hopefully by now you will have had an update, but if not, please have patience. Sometimes these decisions take time or job openings change without notice. Knowing that you did your very best in your interview and have been professional in your follow ups is all you can do.

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