If you are worried you might be un-employable, or you don’t have the skills or enough education – think again. Stop doubting yourself, you can be the person that staffing companies LOVE to put to work. If you have the following 10 qualities, then your future is looking up!

  1. Being on time – Punctuality is key, trust me, your employer is watching. If you are always on time, ready to work at your designated time, you will definitely earn respect from your boss.
  2. Work Ethic – One MUST put great effort into working hard at one’s job and duties. This goes to your character; it shows your employer that you are trustworthy.
  3. Effort – The effort you put into a job is directly related to your achievements. The result of hard work and never giving up when the tough gets going will bring great rewards.
  4. Body Language – This can get you in trouble! Gestures, unconscious bodily movements, facial expressions, etc. serve as nonverbal communication. It can be very hard for those who wear your heart on your sleeve, but remember your nonverbal expressions can speak volumes to an employer.
  5. Energy – This can be your capacity to do work. It is an intangible force that can often be characterized as either positive or negative by an employer. Remember your vibe is going to leave an impression.
  6. Attitude – Now this one includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. It is the manner of acting your feelings out, it is one’s disposition, opinion and mind set.
  7. Passion – If you love what you do – it shows. Find something you love, something that inspires you to go to work every day. At All Star, our passion is helping those who might need a second chance as well as helping as many people as possible find suitable employment.
  8. Being Coachable – This is huge! If you have ever played youth sports you know that being coachable was the way to win the coaches heart. In the work world, you have to be able to listen to instructions, take criticism with grace and try new ways of doing things that may be out of your comfort zone.
  9. Doing Extra – Going above and beyond will get you noticed. This is one of the best gestures you can do at a job. Showing that you are a team player, willing to work until the job is done and that you are ready for more. Doing extra helps you climb that pay scale ladder!
  10. Being Prepared – Especially if you go through a staffing agency, this is key. You will be sent out on jobs, sometimes with little notice and you need to make sure you don’t show up to a job unprepared. You will get all the necessary information from All Star Labor & Staffing so make sure you pay attention. If you show up wearing sandals to a construction zone – you’re going to be sent home with no pay. Details are always important.