You have successfully completed your first couple of months with your new job. The goal for your next month is to establish yourself in your new role, take ownership of it and demonstrate that you bring real value to this organization. Here are some helpful tips to set yourself up for long-term success with your company and career.

Challenge yourself
Set ambitious goals for yourself and continue to conquer them while striving further every time. Make daily, weekly and monthly goals for yourself and prioritize them by importance. It is too easy for someone to gravitate toward a goal or task that they are most comfortable in doing.

Get feedback.
Ask your manager for a moment to evaluate your performance and find where you could improve. This is also a great way to check in and make sure you’re both on the same page. Take this opportunity to let your manager know what goals you have set for yourself and ask what milestones the company would like you to accomplish in the next few months too. Come prepared with suggestions on how you think you could help the company could improve, as well.

Find improvements.
Now that you are familiar with the processes, look for inefficiencies that you can improve — perhaps tasks that can be automated, or workflows that can be improved. This could be as simple as reorganizing spreadsheets. These will give you easy wins that show you are a valuable team player.

Have a long term mindset.
Mentally commit yourself to this role and the organization, look at your potential in the long run. Where could you see yourself in the company in one, maybe even five years? What do you have to do to achieve that? Stay up to date with everything going on in the industry so you can always come prepared with new ideas to keep the business thriving while setting yourself up for success.

Congratulations, hopefully you will ace your way through your first ninety days at your new job and be prepared for a long term success in this career. Let’s do a quick review of some key points to surviving and thriving your first ninety days.

– Ask questions
– Introduce yourself
– Make friends and a mentor
– Be observant
– Look for improvements
– Ask for feedback
– Have a positive attitude
– Set goals

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