Tips To Ace Your Phone Interview

Similar to an in-person interview, a phone interview requires proper preparation to ensure you bring your best. Many times, candidates view a phone interview as a lot less formal and may not take it as seriously as if they were in person. These conversations are the gateway to an in-person interview and possibly landing that job, so it’s equally as important. Here are some tips to help prepare you for any phone interviews in your future.


Familiarize yourself as much as possible with the company. Go through their website, mission statement, blog, and social media. Having a general sense about the work environment will benefit you, and may even impress the interviewer with your company knowledge.


Find a quiet location with limited potential for interruptions, and make sure this spot has good reception. Avoid somewhere that you can be easily distracted, such as in the living room with the television on, or in a crowded area.

Come Prepared

In front of you during your interview you should have your resume, cover letter, and job description. You may need to refer to information from these documents so keep them handy. Have your questions you prepared to ask the interviewer ready to go.

Dress the Part

It may sound over the top since it is a phone interview, but being dressed in the right attire can put you in a professional mindset. This doesn’t mean getting into a well-pressed business suit, but getting out of your pajamas and into some day clothes can help motivate your desire to tackle this interview.

Good Conversation

Since this is a phone interview, it depends solely on how you communicate. Ensure that you speak clearly, have good communication, and show enthusiasm. Avoid mumbling and try to talk directly into the phone. Try to make conversation that flows easily, you can do this by avoiding interruption or using one word answers. Show enthusiasm when you speak. The interviewer is looking for a qualified person that is excited for this position and wants to work for their company, so express that with the words and your tone.

What’s Next?

Before hanging up the phone, remember to ask about the next steps. Even if an in person interview isn’t schedule that at time, it will help manage your expectations. Be sure to follow up with a thank you message to your interviewer for taking the time to chat.